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The look: on-pack communication codes

Andrea Villani


Luxury lies within the product ingredients - but how to prove this concept? How to succeed in a world dominated by nonexistent product quality and fake love for nature?

Communicating true ethical values and the high quality of our products has been the most challenging task for Erbe e Cultura.

A company with a certification for organic production guarantees to sell products which are all natural and do not damage consumers or the environment in any way.

Consumers should select cosmetic products very carefully. Products which contain organic essential oils do not guarantee that all other ingredients do not contain chemical substances which, with prolonged use, could cause damages to consumers and the environment.

Andrea Villani


Choosing products from an organic certified company can make life easier for consumers. It reassures them that the products they buy are not deemed harmful to human health and/or the environment by technical-scientific certification authorities.
Many cosmetic companies mainly invest in packaging and marketing, whereas companies producing organic products, like Erbe e Cultura, spend most of the budget on research & development -as a trusted certified organic formula is key to being competitive.

At Erbe e Cultura, we have chosen to communicate using the following codes that are marked on all our products:

  1. Tracking table
  2. The certification of the cosmetic formula
  3. Pure mountain water
  4. All advantages of the organic substances
Tracking Table


Tracking table


A tracking table explaining the origin and essential advantages of the signature herbs contained in each product



The certification of the cosmetic formula


The certification is illustrated on-pack. It guarantees that the product formula and all ingredients have been tested and approved by international organizations such as ECOCERT, ICEA, etc.

Pure Mountain Water


Pure mountain water


We only use Pure mountain water. Water is the only ingredient which cannot be certified. We use pure mountain water from Trentino, one of Italy's natural paradises.

Acqua Pura di Montagna

How to use on
Agronatura Shampoo

All advantages of the organic substances


All advantages of the organic substances inside a product. The use of vegetable flours in a detergent product instead of chemical emulsifiers make the product look thick and sometimes with layers.

The ingredients also speak for themselves!